Tiles tear when character moves

Ok so I found one similar forum to this that didn’t really solve my problem. Whenever my character moves, specific tiles will repeat the top of the tile on a sliver on the bottom of it.

example of character not moving vs moving

When I first started this project it would only do it when I was falling, now it’s whenever I move. I’ve done a lot since this, so it’s kind of hard to narrow down what the problem is, They are 32x 32 tiles.

Should I have used the tiles as 32x32 but made them bigger?

In the game I am currently making I used tiled sprite and I got this exact problem. Presently I think the only way to fix that is to reduce the height of your tiled sprite by 1 depending on the size of tiled sprite.

I’ll give that a try!

It’s still doing it :(. Thanks anyways!

Ok so I noticed it only does it when the camera is centered on my MC, when I have it set to

“Change the X position of camera (layer: ) set to MX()”

it doesn’t seem to do it… I don’t like the solution, because it limits me vertically, but if It’s my only option I’ll do it

I’m working on a platformer with a lot of tiles and I fixed applying a lerp movement to the camera, so the player can move and the camera follow the player with a delay, that way the tiles work as expected.
I’ve followed this tutorial How to make an uncentered camera | GDevelop 5 tutorial - YouTube
Ah and you neeed to disable smooth

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I think I’m a little too new to try to work that one out xD, I watched the video a few times, tried to do it, couldn’t get it to work, downloaded his files, copy pasted and it said it doesn’t support it xD. Might take me a little while before I understand it enough to confirm if it worked or not, Thanks for the link!