Tileset not Working

I am having trouble, I am trying to import a tileset from Tiled into Gdevelop. I am following several tutorials online none of which work. I am exporting it as a .Json file.

What should happen according to what I have seen is it will just place the map on the canvas.
However when I attempt to place it, it appears as a red circle with an X inside.

I am not changing any of the setting in the tilemap prompt in Gdevelop, and the tileset Png seems to have imported just fine.
This may or not help but whenever I press the yarn button on the right of the Tilemap import nothing appears on it.

If anyone thinks there is a solution that would be very useful! Thanks!

You can ignore this, this is just a visual bug because both yarn and Tiled use .json format files.

I’d ensure that when you export from Tiled it is actually saving it as a .json file, and not .json format. Since the last tiled release, when exporting as .json it saves it as .tmj. This is a tiled change that is incompatible and .tmj files will not load.

If it is being saved with a .json extension, the other thing you might try is embedding your tileset into the map. There’s instructions on that in the wiki.

The final thing I can think of is ensure your tileset isn’t out of supported image sizes for GDevleop (e.g., your tileset is over 2048x2048 or more than 4200000 pixels).