Time managment Of Platform

A Type of platform which disappers when someone is on it . It Worked fine att beginning Means all platform works for same interval before vanishinf for the first time But when it reappers its time for diasppering changes to a short interval

You never paused the timer APP.

That means the timer just keeps on running until you de-activate the Platform behaviour of DisappearingPlatform and unpause the timer APP which was never paused. Then, if the timer APP was greater than 3 sec (which it is because it kept running from the beginning) and Dog is not colliding with the DisappearingPlatform then you do this:

Here, the problem is that you Unpause the timers (which were never paused).

Lets see it this way. You reset the timer at the beginning of the scene and the timer is going on and keeping the record of time elapsed since it got reset. That means, after you (sensor) collides with the Platform, the timer gets UnPaused (which was never Paused so this is unnecessary and doesn’t change anything) and then, you check if the timer’s is greater than 3 sec (which it is because the timer is running since the beginning of the scene) and if the dog is not colliding with the Platform then show the Platform, Activate its behaviour and Reset the timer.

I guess a better thing to do would be to change these two

to Reset timer action instead of Unpause. Also add a trigger once in both condition.
And I don’t think you need to reset the timer here

You can delete that action or better, delete the timer (don’t delete the action but add an action to delete those timers)

But Bro Now It Doesnt Work

Try doing what I told you to do (I also explained why it doesn’t work).

No Still Now Doesnt Disappear Either

add a trigger once with the collision with sensor and disapperingplatforms, cuz that would make the timer reset all the time if its still in collision so add a trigger once and it should be fixed in theory(unless theres a another issue im not seeing but thats the major one im seeing rn)

I’ill Try Thanks For Reply

tell me if the issue is still there in theory it should fix it

No Bro Now it isnt working For This Situation

ooh okay why are you using sensor object with you can use is on flooor of object(object being fallingplatform)

Then it will work for all floors ! I Guess so

no theres a condition for checking what flooor if i remeber corretly

But Still the reason by which i created this post havent resolved

ill make a example kinda

can i send you the example on discord if you have a discord please?,(aka may i ask for your discord please) cuz sending a zip file is not possible on here unless i wanna use dropbox or somthing

Wait I Thought I Have made one an year go Lemme Check and very Thanks BROOO

How I Share it . I am Not into things alot so hehe i dont know much

this is how to get the discord thing in clipboard, sorry for late answer i was busy with irl stuff, if you want ill upload to dropbox doe

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here is a dropbox link: Download

again im sorry for being supper late for aswering

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Dang man u r a good man…
Dont be sorry and thanksssss veryyy much broooo