Time map

Hello guys i wanted to create a map in time how can i do it?

Then the character must take all the objects if he succeeds wins and goes to the next level if he loses his youth from the beginning.

If possible attach a small example thanks to everyone for any answers

Currently I’m using the HTML5 platform can I fix it?

If you want to create maps procedurally, then a simple example won’t help, random generated maps are not easy to do, and depends a lot on your game style, genre, and some more variables :frowning:
Is it what you ask, or did I read it wrong?

No the map I created it my goal is that the character must reach the object if it does not reach the time loses the game and has to restart the menu.

I hope to have been clearer.
After several attempts I managed to put time but still lack the code.

Oh, I get it :smiley:
No idea how do you count the time, you can use a timer, a timing variable or the expression “TimeFromStart()” that returns the time since the beginning of the scene. I will assume that you use a timer named “MyTimer”.
About the objects that the player has to collect, if they all are instances from the same object you can use the condition to count objects, otherwise you’ll have to create a group and add all the collectable objects there, then you can use the condition to count on that group. I will assume that the objects are named or are in a group named “MyCollectable”.
Now the code should be something like:

[code]Conditions: Conditions to start the timer
Actions: Unpause the timer “MyTimer”

Conditions: Player collides with MyCollectable
Actions: Delete object MyCollectable

Conditions: The number of MyColectable is = 0
Actions: Go to scene “NextLevel”

Conditions: The timer “MyTimer” is greater than X seconds
Actions: Go to scene “ThisScene”[/code]

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot you are always very kind;).