Time scale for individual objects

We all know that time scale can be used to pause the entire game, or an entire layer, but wouldn’t it be interesting to have time scale for individual objects as well?

I’d imagine that turning off the timescale would halt any animations, behaviors, forces, variables, etc.

For example, maybe you want to have a freeze spell that can be used to completely stop an enemy in it’s tracks, or maybe you want something like the magic boomerang from Zelda Link to the Past that petrifies enemies in place for a short time.

Here’s another example. This is an event from the Construct 3 platformer example, Kiwi Story, which shows the function for enemies taking damage when you stomp them:

You can see that near the bottom, the enemy’s timescale is halted for a brief moment before it resumes, stopping them in place.

I’m sure the Kiwi Story enemy stopping method can be applied to every individual enemy with events, but I feel like applying timescale for individual objects would not only be more convenient, but also more performant, seeing how you can cut down on those mentioned events to mimic the effect currently.

And plus, if we can have layer effects for individual objects, then I don’t see any reason why we can’t double down and add more tricks with individual objects such as this.

What do you all think? Feedback is appreciated


Yeah that sounds good, I can definitely see myself using stuff like that at times