Time stop and quiz after collecting a coin

Hey guys,

I`m a total beginner in this.

For school I want to develope a 2d plattformer, but every time a coin is collected I want the game to open a Quizbox and stop time. If the question is answered correctly, the game will continue. If it is answered wrong, I want the player to be killed. But how do I do this? Please explain to me like I´m 12 :slight_smile:

Option A
There is action to change time scale on layer
You could set time scale to 0 on all your layers and on one where you would display quiz just leave time scale as it is
And then do whatever you want there

Option B
There is action to pause current scene and go to another scene
And then you have action to go back to paused scene
So coin is picked you go to different scene while pausing current scene
And then put on that scene your quiz game
After quiz is done you go back to paused scene and you are done

I do not remember exact names so whatever you go with A or B
Just add new action and in search bar look for either scale or scene
And you will find what you need