Timed auto-saves

I would like to be able to have access to downloading the game installs more than twice because I release updates a lot and fixing things so I hate having to wait and I would like the downloading to be faster. Another request is auto-save! I had an issue with packaging the game when having one build left and I packaged it then it finished then I had no builds and the downloads were not there and I have to wait.

Autosave is in the engine. It saves every time you preview your game, so long as you have saved the project at least once. You can restore from autosave if one exists and you closed your project without saving, you will be promoted if you want to restore on next load.

It is very unlikely it will be changed to be outside of those circumstances because if it autosaves while you are making changes it can corrupt your project. This is why most game engines don’t have autosaves at all, or they are heavily restricted.

As far as online builds, those are part of the external online services. The gdevelop company online services are not part of the engine itself, and have regular ongoing costs associated with them. For free all users get 2 builds over a 24 hour period. If you would like to use the services more, you can sign up for a subscription which increases the ammount you can use those external services.

You are not required to use those services, and can build your game locally infinite times. You can follow the tutorial in the publishing section of the wiki/documentation site.

Ok, I would like the auto-save feature more because when I accidentally close the tab out or have to close my laptop, I have to start over. Maybe add auto-save as an option to turn on/off?

You will need to refer to the reason I gave above why most engines do not have autosave. Being a toggle won’t change that (and in fact you can already toggle the current auto save on and off)

It is very unlikely that will change due to those reasons above, but I will update your request title to make it clearer what the request is for.

Edit:Note, engines will not autosave before you manually save the first time, as there is no where to autosave to as a project file hasn’t been created. That won’t change.

I never had auto save within my game. Is auto-save only on the desktop app and not on the website?

Auto-save is everywhere unless something has changed.

So long as your project exists (has been saved once manually), an autosave is created whenever you hit preview.

So I need to preview it for it to save?

You need to save your project at least once (it has to actually exist as a file), and then yea. It will autosave on each preview.

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oK let me try it out. I will just slightly change something and then see

No, I guess it’s fine. I will just have to remember

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