Timed events in HTML5

It is surprising that this doesn’t exists sill in HTML5 when in javascript we have setTimeout , so it would be great to have it in HTML5 games.

You can use timer to do exactly the same. But it’s true that it needs to be added in further versions of GDevelop.

yes yes, I can, just saying because it would be easier to do, with a timer is a bit more uggly.

If this is what it sounds like, then it would be useful addition. It’s taken me a while to work out how to use timers and having to create,reset and check timers in separate events is a complicated way to introduce a simple delay.

Something like…

Do +6 to the Y position of monster
Wait 2000
Do -6 to the Y position of monster

…in the action section would be an easy way to have events that reverse themselves after a while.