TimeDelta: Add 1 Point Every Second

Hi! I have a question about how to properly use the function TimeDelta()
i’ve watched 3 tutorials about it but couldn’t figure it out.

I want to give the player 1 point every second, but we all know that if the game is running below 60fps, it will become slower.
My goal is to find a way that i can calculate how many points i should give to the player when the game is slower, for example, when the game is at 30 fps, the event will only occour once every 2 seconds, so i should give 2 points.
Is the solution related to TimeDelta?

Vid Example:

Im pretty sure if you added the timedelta() expression to the "repeat every x"value it should work correctly

TimeFromStart will give you the current time. TimeDelta gives you the amount of time passed since the last “frame”.

in order to check whether one second has passed, save the current time in a variable then check against that time + 1.

in order to make something move, rotate or scale with consistent speed regardless of frame rate you multiply the value of that operation with timeDelta.