Timer Actions

Hi, I’m bothering here again :slight_smile:

I have a question, I don’t know how to explain this. I had the “Warcraft III” and it game has an editor, the editor has a “detonator editor”, it control all the game… all. You can do every you want with it, but you have to know how to use it, based in “Events” (“Conditions”)==> “Actions”. Is the same as Game Develop :wink: . And I learned how to use the “detonator editor” very well, because is easier than Game Develop, but only because have some extra actions, and other timer actions. I want to know if exist some way to do something like it:Conditions: Key "S" is pressed, Variable "Attak_1" = 1 Actions: Set variable "Attak_1" = 0, Create a object "Shot" at position X = X point "Shot_1" --- Y = Y point "Shot_2", Set Last created object = "Shot_Player_1", Wait 0.5 seconds ==> Set variable "Attak_2" = 1

Yes, you can do what you wrote using Game Develop, but the “Wait 0.5 seconds” must be replaced with a sub events of type “Timed event” ( check the Timed Events extension for more information. There is also an example ( TimedEvent.gdg if I remember correctly ) using this event. ) or with another event, using in this case a timer.

Where is the link between your question and the title ?

Yes, you are right, I changed the title’s name to Timer Actions (of course you saw it yet :slight_smile: ). At start I think question you how name all shots of player 1 with a variable and all shots of player 2 with other variable for use in the collisions, but then I think “maybe is very easy and I’m bothering”, then I remember the problem of times, a problem from start, but finally maybe is easier than object variables :wink: .
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i was myself wondering why mp3 is not supported. but i agree that if it needs licensing then its better not to use it. i wonder if maybe a little pop up by the music file type selection could say we do not use mp3 as you have to pay a license fee for using mp3 file type.

Erm… wrong thread?

Anyway I think following conditions should be added:

  • Do Every X seconds - yes, you can do with “current” timers, but it leads to very complicated, Rube Goldberg-worthy code.
  • Do after X seconds - This could be replaced with above + do it once condition, but again - adding this would give more clean event code and we’ll get less questions of “how to do something after x seconds, but once”

Both conditions were in Clickteam’s MMF/TGF (with which I have most experience due to it being featured in Polish CD mag Twój Niezbędnik as full version) and were really useful. I miss them in GD.

These conditions are not as simple as other conditions/actions to implement as they involves remembering the state of the picked objects and stop and then start again in the middle of an event.
(I agree that they are really useful, I was just explaining what it is not yet implemented). :slight_smile: