Timer and create objects question

How I do this in the easier way?
And how I do this with less memory usage?(because android)

If timer 10 sec then create Object_1
If timer 20 sec then create Object_2
If timer 1min 30 sec then create Object_3

I will this more than 50 objects in the scene.

make a group of objects that are created with the timer.
then use the action create object from its name.

in this example, you need to have your objects in the TimerObjects group and name them
Timerobject1, Timerobject2, Timerobject3, etc.

my example was assuming, that all your objects get created after 10 seconds.

1min 30 secs?

if you have irregular times per object, this wouldnt work anymore. Unless you use some algorithm compatible times.

what you could do is put all objects in the scene and hide them.
Start OBJECT timer of the object group at the beginning of the scene.
then you can give each object a timer value as a variable.

keep in mind that if you interact with those objects, have the condition is Visible


Thank You very much for your help! :blush: