Timer doesn’t work

I want the Ball separate from Goalkeeper after 5 seconds. I found that when I use the ”Trigger Once” method, the Ball separates immediately from the Goalkeeper, doesn’t wait for 5 seconds.

Many thanks…

That beginning of scene event won’t be getting triggered. Unless the game starts will the GoalKeeper’s State being “With Ball”, then by the time that event is processed it’ll be well into the game, and no longer at the start of it.

To remedy this, create an event before the first one in the screen snip, with the same condition as the first event (GoalKeeper.Variable(State) = “With ball”), and a trigger once condition. In the action, unpause and reset the timer “Ballkick”.

And when the ball is “kicked”(Ballkick > 5 seconds), reset the timer “Ballkick” and pause it.

Also remember to change GoalKeeper’s state.

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