Timer for each character in a group

I want to create a timer for every character that is “on stage” and then after a certain amount of time each character generates scrap. right now, how it works is it only generates the amount of scrap from the first character “on stage”.

i’ve tried searching for an answer but every answer doesnt seem to help me unless i’ve understood them wrong.

here’s my code currently. i’ve tried rearranging everything but nothing i try works

please tell me whats wrong with my code :smiling_face_with_tear:

thank you for reading!!

It’s the trigger once. If the condition is satisfied for one of the Character objects, it will not fire again for subsequent Character objects that also meet the conditions (in this case, the trigger once works at the object level, not the instance level). So the first object that meets the conditions has the timer set. After that, none of the others will.

One way around this is:

  1. start and immediately pause the timer as each object is created.
  2. remove the trigger once in the event from the screen snip, and replace the action of that same event with unpause timer
  3. leave the reset timer in the last event you have in the screen snip.
  4. add another event so if the Character is dragged to reset and pause the timer.

Sounds good :smiley: the one thing I’d like to try and avoid though is the creation of the timer when the object is created, if possible (if not then it’s completely fine)

I was able to get lucky and somehow do it before but then I lost my progress and I’ve forgotten what I did. I just know that it’s somewhat close to what I have in my screenshot but I just can’t remember