Timer going really slow[SOLVED]

I feel stupid making a post about this but i have a simple timer that is displaying it’s time on screen and it goes at about 1/3 speed. The rest of the game runs fine, my computer isn’t working hard, and time scale are all normal.

I essentially did the same code as i have in the past but it is really slow.

Can you post the code you have? We might spot something that’s eluding you.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary (suggestion - remove the 2 trigger once, they’re not needed, and move the Show SpeedQuizTimer as a subevent of the first one). I’ve recreated those events, and mine runs fine.

I’d suggest you do a search for speedQuiz in your event and see if it’s altered anywhere else.

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I exported it and it runs fine but still slow in the editor

Do you run it in preview with the scene editor open? If so, try running it in preview with the events sheet open instead

Still slow. But no big deal if the exported game runs fine