Timer in external event [HELP]

i have created a simple quiz game.
i need help a little.

suppose i am at level 1 and the question is “what is 2+2?”
i have two options 4 & 5.
if i click on 4, it goes to my linked external event where i create a text object “correct”.
i have successfully done it.
but now i need to put a timer in my external event that after it creates “correct”, it goes to a different scene (let’s say score scene) after 2 seconds after “correct” gets created.

how can i do that?
i have tried making timer in different ways but i am failing since 2 days. PLEASE HELP.

In your external event when you show the correct! text start the timer like Start timer name “Correct”
in the same external eventsheet check if Timer “Correct” is greater than x where x are seconds, then delete timer and do other stuff

i already did…and i have no idea why it isn’t happening.
Kindly help.


Somebody PLEASE guide and help!

add the condition The global variable correct = 1 inside the timer check and Trigger Once too
So the timer check must be
Advanced &&
— The timer time is greater than 2 seconds
— The global variable correct = 1
Triggrer Once

let me try brother…
will update you in a while…

kindly be patient with me.
sorry in advance.

i have tried your method. (see the screenshot.
but the timer is not working.
what am i doing wrong??

can anybody help please.

Is the external eventsheet included in your main scene or level scene?

yes ofcourse. Why?..

P.S: Also it is my constant second day at this. i am getting frustrated scratching my head for this simple process. PLEASE HELP.
I am attaching my Level event sheet in which i have linked this external event.

try include the event just one time abobe all in the level
like this

sorry i couldn’t understand what you meant.

I mean you are including the events only if another action is triggered, try to include the eventsheet above all not in a subevent, like in my screenshot

i somewhat am getting to what you are suggesting.

so if for my quiz game, i need a “correct answer” animation for every right answer tapped (which then goes to my middle scene of congratulations, next level, pause etc)…i should make group of external events individually and then link it to each level that i make?

is it?

Yes, in the events of each level_XX scene you need to add the external events.

In my game i do this one GameScene to control everything then include all external events in that GameScene. Look the structure of one of my projects
This is GameScene that includes a lot of external events

This is a level which includes GameScene as Events manager

You follow me in what I’m explaining
In order to include external events just one time because if you includes in various scenes the results may change because GDevelop doesn’t know which events execute first.
try to centralize all external events in a global event sheet, and then for each level just include the global event sheet and add the logic of that level

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You are accessing the rightwrong events only once, so the timer cannot work.
You should move your external events to the main sheet, it will help you spot the conflicts in your logic.
Good luck and be patient.

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Thats i’m saying just once at the top of the main eventsheet

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Thank you so much brothers for guiding me.
i have started making out the entire game again with the more “practical” structure like you guys have guided.

Thanks a lot guys.
It means a lot.

P.S: By the way, is there any way to get current scene name i am in and give its value(or text) to a global text object i have created?

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You’ll find that in the blue buttons.