Tiny sprites (tiles)

Maybe there is something I don’t understand but I would like to use a tileset with 8px tiles.
I sliced this tileset to have multiple sprites (8px x 8px size).
My problem is that these sprite are unusuable in Gdevelop because too tiny. I cannot recognize tiles to create my level.
I don’t want to use Tiles to create Tilemap.

Is there a mean to incerease the size visibility ? Or there is a trick I don’t know when you work with tiny tiles ?


You can zoom in on the scene editor with the mouse scroll wheel, or by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the screen.

Asset size doesn’t matter for GDevelop, however I would strongly recommend against manually building your game out with 8x8 tiles without using a tilemap.
You’re going to run into a ton of manual labor by doing it that way, most of which is solved via Tilemaps.

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Thanks but I spoke about the ribbon on the side. The object ribbon on the side where you select object to set on the scene editor.

Is there a mean to zoom here ?

As far as I remember, the object list cannot be zoomed since the sprites displayed there are optional(text only or sprites) in settings.

I would recommend giving your objects more specific names that help diffentiate them easier.

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