Tips to improve game performance?

Before starting a platform game I have some questions:
How to make the game to be finished do not consume much cpu, ram, disk and electric energy. I have measured with the task manager the game of bloodstained curse of the moon for pc and it consumes me many of these resources.
What factors affect a game to consume these resources a lot?
As developers, what can we do to prevent our game from consuming a lot of cpu, ram, disk and energy?
What can we do so that the game can run smoothly on most graphics cards, especially the integrated ones?

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With GDevelop, there is not much you can do. Don’t pause scenes, don’t use big graphics but small ones instead, and do not put too much unnecessary events. Separe in separate scenes whatever possible: having a small loading time is better than lagging game.


I want these 5 games to have the same graphics and performance of the 16-bit snes games like super castlevania or final fight 3.

I don’t think this will cause any problem .You can make game like those easyly in Gdevelp5

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Ok, I started to try my character’s sprite with different sizes and I was not affected by the performance is more the consumption of cpu and disk is 1 to 3% and the ram is only 175MB. Gdevelop 5 is the best software for game development, the consumption of resources is minimal. This doubt arose because in several developer forums they advise to measure the performance of your game so that it works correctly on the integrated cards and does not have high requirements.

Hello and sorry for reopening an old topic.

I also opened a specific topic:

I read this sentence by Arthuro555:
Separate in separate scenes whatever possible: having a small loading time is better than lagging game

I would like to understand better: does it refer to the number of events or to the number of objects loaded in the editor?

Let me explain: I’m creating a visual novel. The game is very fast and has few on-screen elements (one background, three or four fixed characters, text).

But I have lots of backgrounds (about 100) and characters in the visual editor (about 50).

Is it better to divide them into scenes, or does GDevelop load all the materials only at the start of the game?

If I have 1000 objects in the editor of a single scene but use 5 of them, are there any Ram issues?

Hi @Ondaluce, as you mentioned, you have already opened a topic and this one here is 3 years old. Please don’t revive finished discussions.