Title Bar and Navigation Bar for Mobile Issue

I am currently doing a platformer game and encounter this issue for sometime, could not really find a solution to this problem. I tried adjust the fullscreen command and exported my game with the android(&IOS coming Soon), when the game starts, it has the side bars, battery bar not hiding up. The only way I can get the bars hiding is to export locally with the cordova project and add the following line to the config file.

Just want to know whether the one click export does not have the full screen implemented for mobile?
Must we only use the local export (cordova) with the additional line to config file to make this work?

I am using the one click export build service in GD5 which after even i enable the fullscreen command, when the apk file is installed in phone, the title bar and navigation will not hide during the game. Is there any solution to this problem currently?

Not a bug, but kinda a problem. An issue was created yesterday: github.com/4ian/GDevelop/issues/741
But I guess there’s not much to discuss, probably will be added in the next beta (we have to add a single line of code :wink: ).

Hmm hope we can get the beta really soon as it is really one of the most important thing for mobile android game :slight_smile: Thanks a lot and looking forward for the update