Togglable Door?

I’ve spent about an hour trying different ways to make a door that opens or closes when clicking “A”.

I would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

The Gdevelop Nightmare is that ELSE dosn’t exit. So you need a workaround.

create a screen variable “Door”
at begin set “Door” to zero.

condition: condition the key A is pressed
condition: once
---------behaviour: set variable “Door” = 0

++++++subcondition: leftdoorshut = 0
--------------behaviour: change animation
--------------behaviour:set leftdoorshut = 1
--------------behaviour:set variable “Door” = 1

++++++subcondition: leftdoorshut = 1
++++++subcondition: variable “Door” = 0
--------------behaviour: change animation
--------------behaviour: set leftdoorshut = 1


It worked, but only works once, is there a way to fix that?

Remove once and use release Key condition