Toggle active Image used for Sprite

During prototyping, I may be editing a template.
I think it would be helpdul if the dev could add an addition image for the sprite to test how it looks and fits.

Example would be, replace the player sprite with my own image and compare how it works in the scene.
*Like a Player image that may have to line up with a ladder or such

I drafted a screenshot from the UI to show where this might be implemented.

If you have several sprites, you would need to load/disable multiple sprites and adjust the animation speed too.
So I think it’s a better practice to add a test animation and change their names (or position) for testing.

I’m not sure I understand the ask here.

You can already do what you’re asking today. Simply click the top-most add button. Add the image you want, then drag it to the left so it is the first frame.

The first frame of the first animation of a sprite is what is displayed. adding additional buttons to enable/disable/etc would actually be more steps than the process above.

I see what you are saying. I guess that’s ok to drag to the left and be the first frame.
I was thinking in terms of toggling a sprite or even set of sprites.