Toggle object visible or invisible

How can I toggle an object to be visible or invisible? For instance, putting something down and then picking it up?

1, change opacity
2, with hide/show actions
you can find both on the wiki.

I think I would need the else statement but for some strange reason, they have decided to omit this very important command which really is a game changer for me when looking at this as an alternative to Construct.

  1. The else command is not possible to implement it was talked about many times on the forum and is not nessecary whatsoever.
  2. @Gyuszko already told you how to do it, he even told you 2 ways not just one, what does not satisfies you in those answers?

If you try those options yourself, you will find they won’t work! Why are other engines able to implement this? Does not bode well for the future of this engine!

Well, both works fine for me, and obviously for everyone who completed the platformer aka base tutorial too, as it uses the hide action to hide the hitbox, so either you did something wrong or it works fine for you but you are posting this to try to ruin the reputation of the engine judging by your comments saying this is bad and alternatives/other engines are better, this engine has no future etc. If it is the first case, read the wiki and tutorials to get to understand the software and what you did wrong. If it still doesn’t work then send in this post a screenshot of your objects and events so we know what you did to try and replicate your situation to be able to help you correctly. If it is the other case, it’s no use, people who get here in the first place are at least a bit interested in the engine and don’t trash it away because a random says it’s bad. And there will always be people to bring the verity into place to invalidate stupid arguments.

Okay, show me an example of how you would remove pegs from holes and then put them back In.

Thank you!

I am sorry, but as far as I know the word

Does not exists and I can therefore not help you.

Okay, how can you for example, click on an object to change it’s color from blue to red and then click on it again to turn it back to blue?

You make a Sprite with two animation, one with blue and one with red. Three events: one that says if click/touch started and click is on object and animation is red and variable cooldown = 0 then make animation blue and variable cooldown to 1.
Make the same but with red instead of blue and blue instead of red. For the third event make if touch/click ended then make variable cooldown = 0

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