Top Down Car game

I would like to make a top down Car game.
I want the car to accelerate, brake and turning right and left.
Do i need to use a behaviour?


Here’s an example top down car game. You could use this as an initial engine I guess, or just learn the code and check the behaviours of the objects etc…

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This should also help

Thank you very much, that was helpful.
How can I make the car drifting?

thank you.

There’s probably a few different ways, but one I can imagine would be to apply a force on the key release for a brief time. So when your acceleration key is released, and the object is still turning, then apply a force of a particular amount. You might need to experiment with how much force to apply to make it look like a realistic drift.
@The_Gem_Dev video has a lot of great info in there, I’d definitely recommend going through the whole tutorial.