Top-down deep perspective

I’m creating a supermarket game with a top-down perspective.

I wanted my shelves to tilt when the player goes from one hallway to the other, as if they were in 3D with depth.

Something similar to what was done in that game about the gorilla that escaped from the laboratory and started killing people. (APE OUT)

I even got some effect using sprite scaling, but it took some work and it didn’t look as good as I wanted.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to create this effect?

The game you mentioned uses 3d objects to get this effect, and I don’t think it’s possible to create it with 2d objects since you’d need skewing / sheering which is not possible in GDevelop. The basic 2d transformations like rotation and scaling won’t get you the effect you’re after.

Using 3d objects is your best bet.

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I came to this same conclusion after much thought. I even achieved a ± effect using a 2D sprite, but after thinking for a day I arrived at the 3D box.
I had never used this 3D feature since it was launched and I was very surprised and happy with the final result.

Thank you friend, you are a friend.

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