Top-Down Melee Weapons

is there a way to add top-down melee weapons like from The Legend of Zelda?

Hey there,
It probably is included in the Zelda example template project. You should look there first, see if it works to your liking and tweak the code as neccesary

I already have a project and I’m wondering if I can implement the top down melee to my game?

I currently have no idea how your events look like, so I’d still recommend you try to understand how that example adds that feature.
Otherwise you can describe how you game works - what behaviour you use, how the sprites are handled, screenshots of your events. However it’s late over here and I might not be able to give a detailed answer though.

Im gonna implement it in a new scene

can you send me a link to the template

Try this top down RPG one.
(I have never opened this template actually…)

I will try it and let you know

there is no melee weapon code in it since its basically a pokemon styled template

Oh, sorry about that.
This might be a good tutorial:

Feel free to seek through the video to find the part you need. (This was very easy to find on youtube)

thanks for the help!

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