Top-down object stuck to wall

I am using the Top-down-movement on a rounded object.
I am using a condition: [If green ball is colliding with the wall]>[separate ball from wall]
When I move the ball with the arrow keys and it touches the wall on the left for example, it tends to get “stuck” where it stops moving, but also when I try to move right (away from the wall), it feels stuck and takes a whole second of holding the right button to get unstuck.

How can I prevent this? What could be the cause?

Related screenshots

This is a video of what’s happening:
Video link

What are the events that move the ball?

It just has a TopDownMovement behavior with default controls, that’s all that’s moving it.

And no other events other than the collision condition and move apart action?

No other events other than the collision and separate object action.

What happens if you add a Change Speed of object before the separate action, so it looks something like: