Top Down Racing Games?

Hi all!
I am very new to Gdev and I have been enjoying finding tutorials on how to do the basics.
I was wondering if there are any tutorials out there that I may have missed that help someone like me make a top down 2D racer? I have a mock up of the game I wish to make (320 x 256 resolution).

Any help here would be amazing, thank you.

Hello @Evarcha ,
in GD examples you can find three top down car movement examples:



You can start your work studing these examples.


You can check this

if you like it just pm me and I’ll send you a Promo code.

Hi!! :smiley: I actually bought that today, but I guess I am still too much of a noob to see what’s going on. :smiley: I just want to mess with the physics a bit to make the car feel like how I need it to…
Thanks very much though!