Top-Down RPG (Pokeclone inventory question)

Hi guys, I am in between projects and started filling out the Top-Down RPG example found on the Gdevelop site. I have been working on making it work more like the traditional pokemon games, but I am sort of stuck pokemon inventory. Specifically, I am trying to make it so the game separates the enemy mon from the player’s mon but I have not found a way to get this to work with a single ingame list of pokemon.

I have somedifferent ideas for solutions, and I wanted a second opinion on what would be better.

Idea 1: I have been looking for a way to edit object groups in the script, but I have not found anything. If there is a way to do this (I know you could in UE4). My work around was to create a global variable and reference that so I could differentiate between the players mon and the enemy mons with this reference:


But I cant reference that in other code blocks such as editing the health bar. Is there a way to call a variable from an object you are calling from a global variable?

Idea 2: I was thinking of just using the Object groups, and having duplicate mons - one for enemies and one for the player. I currently have a global array variable for the player’s pokemon to keep track of what the player has. This method would seemingly also require that when you catch a mon, it added the player duplicate instead of that particular one, so random stat variation would not match for the two copies.

Should I follow that idea of duplicate monsters, editing object groups, or using global variable inventory for every player reference?
Or am I overlooking an easier way?