Top Down Shooter VFX Issue

Im creating a Top down zombie shooter game, trying to use the dust projection from the vfx demo as blood splatter on the game when i shoot a zombie but nothing shows up at all, and ive been stuck for hrs tryna figure it out to no avial, any recommendations to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated💯 the image is the code i am currently using

The delete zombie actions should be after everything listed here in the screen shot. The blood events should be a sub-event of the first ‘bullet is in collision zombie’ condition.

The reason I suspect it is not working because the zombie has already been deleted by the time the blood events happen, so the collision condition wont happen because the zombie was deleted in the prior events.

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Thank you, ima try to that. I’ll lyk how it goes💯

I see what u r saying and i’m trying. But i don’t understand frl, like i got it where the zombie deletes and all now. It just doesn’t create the blood splatter effect on the ground still

I think i figured it out, my Z-Order on the zombie was set to subtract 256 which put it way below my floor so it just wasn’t visible💯