Topdown Jumping

Gameexample Download

x = run
a = jump

My first try on making jumping in a isometric topdown game.
Have fun trying it out. Its somewhat funcional, not fully flashed out tho. Mapmaking needs alot of love and time to be convincing. Animations are just placeholders.
Y positions should be manipulated when jump/fall, to look more convincing but would make drop from “platforms” in up direction somewhat buggy.

IDK why i am starting the game in the air. I tried to get rid of it, but couldnt.
Another problem: i want a ramp, where you can walk on to gain hight. works good, but i also dont want to trigger a fall, when walking the ramp down again.
another prob is, that i would like to use timeDelta to get fluid Zheights, but i cannot get a consistand value output, see my post: [Solved] I can't understand "TimeDelta" - #8 by Slash

Feedback, improvement is very appreciated!