Topdown movement + Platform movement misscalculation

I’m having a little trouble pinpointing a small error I’ve made. The premise is a classical beat em up, my setup is:

Fake_Shadow has top down movement + is a platform.
Fake_Player has platformer movement.
Both of the objects has default controls disabled.

The error I encounter:
Upon moving diagonally up or diagonally down, Fake_Player bounces a bit, any thoughts on how I can better pin Fake_Player to Fake_Shadow to avoid the bouncing?

Snapshots of my event setup here:

Unfortunately, you normally cannot mix movement behavior types.

If you have top down movement enabled on an object, it will generally override anything related to the platformer behaviors (platformer character or platform behavior).

I managed to get it working.

That’s great! If you don’t mind sharing how you got it working, that information could come in handy for others here.


Of course, if it helps others.

What I did was remove the check to see whether the player is falling, so now it only checks whether the player jumps.


Cool. Thanks for sharing. I love solutions that are this straightforward!

That makes sense, too, since topdown will override most of the platformer states (as mentioned above), changing checks to NOT check the state of the platformer behavior should avoid a lot of the conflicts. Thanks for sharing!

Glad to help if I can, and thank you.