TopDownMovement 8 direction 26.5deg movement, Cant get Character to stop sliding around

I am trying to get the character to stop sliding around when moving.
I have deceleration up to as high of a number as it will go before going over integer limit, I have stop all movement in its own empty condition, and I can’t make the character stop sliding around.
I just want stable snappy movement.

Oddly, when I press Lshift (run key), it does the exact thing I want it to do, but when walking, it goes back to being extremely slidey

2024-01-26 16-53-29 (the jittering is not part of the game, but because the recording software slows down my computer)


Your events look normal, maybe it has something to do with the shift key? Please share a screenshot of the shift key event.

Also why did you add the stop (remove forces) action at the top? Cz it doesn’t work on the top-down movement behavior.

I used remove all forces because another post from over 2 years ago using the same TopDownMovement behavior was solved by adding that. Will remove now.

to be noted, I also tried acceleration instead of max speed, same sliding problem except the character did not speed up

Strange, I don’t see anything wrong with your events!

Is it possible to share the project file (just the character and movements) so I can take a look?

hopefully I did this right

I can’t get access. You can try and share a transfer link?

Make new player object
And check if same thing happens to that new player

sorry about the wait, went to sleep

Still haven’t figured out how to fix the issue, hoping for someone to help in the next few days

I just opened your project and everything seems to be working fine! The problem seems to be coming from your side. Is your GDevelop up to date?

yes, I have it on autoupdate and it hasn’t gone away with the most recent update yesterday either.

I just checked it and now it seems to be with the Lshift run instead of the walk. I’ve been trying to fix it in between replies, didn’t notice the change happened, but I guess thats a clue

Does this glitch happen often or does it rarely happen? And is there a way to reproduce it?

Sorry for too much questions, I’m trying to figure out if this is a bug in the top-down movement behavior or if there’s something in the current setup that’s causing it and will try to find a way to fix it.

it happens consistently every single time I (with current set up) press Lshift/run, I notice if I lower max speed and max acceleration on Lshift press to 150, the sliding effect disappears.

However, if I raise the max speed and acceleration within the TopDownMovement behavior to anything above 200, the sliding effect worsens again despite not pressing Lshift.

I tried something in a last ditch effort, disabling these, and for some very odd reason it worked. I am very confused and now I need to figure out how to make both the controls work as wasd and not have sliding.

thinking of just writing movement on my own without the behavior active

I think I understand your problem now. Initially, I thought your problem was that the player keeps sliding even after you stop moving because of your description wasn’t very clear in the first post, also what threw me away was that you set a high value for deceleration and you had the stop player action. Sorry about that.

What I understand now is that your problem is the sliding when the player is gaining speed not when stopping, which is not a bug, but because you set a low value for the “acceleration”, so the player slowly gains speed and changes direction, hence the sliding.

Change the values like below and hopefully this fixes your problem:

acceleration: 99999
deceleration: 99999
max speed: 100

shift is pressed → max speed = 200
shift is not pressed → max speed = 100

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Thank you so much, that worked completely. 3 days of trying to make it work and the issue was acceleration too low.

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