Touch and drag two objects simultaneously

Hi, I’m new. I’m trying to make a game like air hockey, for 2 players to play on the same mobile device.
I’m not able to make the two paddles be controllable at the same time (with touch). I looked for guides, examples, videos, like these ones:

Example: GDevelop 5 one touch can drag a sprite, a second touch grabs a second sprite but also the first one.
Wiki: I search “multitouch” and I get “multitouch joystick”, which is not what I want.
Video: How To Work With Multitouch In Gdevelop 5 | Drag Many Objects Using Many Fingers Simultaneously - YouTube I did everyhing the same but I cant make it work.

I know it’s been asked before, but the answer weren’t helpful and so here I am, asking again.
Can you point me in the right direction?

There are GDevelop examples that cover nearly all aspects of GDevelop’s features, including multitouch. Just remember you need to keep track of the touch id for each paddle as it gets touched.

We can help you if you’re still stuck after looking at the example.

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I shared screenshots of the necessary events, what else do you need? :slight_smile: