Touch screen not responding in build, but working in remote

Can someone help me understand that?

I have a simple scene where i pass some pages (planes), if i execute my scene in android all is working fine. if i execute my scene in the iPad with the remote, all is working fine, but if i build the scene, install it in the ipad and execute it from there…the screen is not responding, also is not a problem with the screen exactly, because i have two buttons that are working fine, but is when i touch to do a slide of the finger.
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In my script i detect when the touch began and when it’s ended, as i said, working fine everywhere except in the ipad build.


Try to build the multitouch example project and check if it works fine.
If it does, add your slide events and check again.
If that doesn’t work, share the project, and we’ll check on our side.


Thank you again I’ve been struggling with this for days !