Touch vs mouse click

How do you cleanly distinguish between screen touches and mouse clicks? I am aware of the “has touchscreen” and “is mobile device” conditions but what about cases (such as mine) when you have a tablet PC with a touchscreen and you want to allow the user to pick either controller setup? I just wish there was an easy way to distinguish between the two. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Are you talking about hiding the UI if you switch between touch and mouse clicking?

If so Theres an action in the event page “Hide Layer” with a condition of adding "Key Pressed, or Touch Mouse button pressed.

Hello Brandon. Yes, I’m aware of that. What I’m saying is that distinguishing between the two at a start screen, for example, when you’re trying to set the player control type, seems more difficult than should be. I have a PC tablet so it can take mouse or touchscreen. Just trying to find a clean, decisive way to distinguish between touches and mouse clicks.