Trampoline problem

Try creating another player, not the platform. I think the problem is the player.

I created a new player, at first was working but I found that the problem is related with the collision mask.

I have to use the default collision mask. If modified that and the problem persist.


Why do you need to modify the mask? make your player the size it will be in the game and you don’t need to change anything.

But If you see this tutorial How to Make a Simple Trampoline / Jump Pad in GDevelop 5 - Tutorial - YouTube, he modified the collision mask and that doesn´t make it any problem to him. In my proyect a have irregular objects and I use the collisiom mask to add more fluid and real effect.

If you wish, you can upload your project in zip or rar file the way we can check what’s causing the error.

And did you update the collision check too?

I’m trying to work out what’s going on with your personaje1 object, to pinpoint where it’s going wrong. But it’ll be an impossible task if you keep changing things, adding new objects and modifying the them. Don’t change anything so the reason for it doesn’t work can be identified.
Can you give us a screen shot of all the behaviours on personaje1, a screen shot of the current events you have for the simplest scene that doesn’t work and a screen shot of the collision box setting on personaje1?