Trampoline problem


I was viewing the trampoline tutorial of Wishforge Games (Thank you for your great work!!) (

And I followed all the steps but I wasn´t able to make it work.

The yellow cube is supposed to be the trampoline but it doesn’t do anything when the player is on the top of it.

Can anyone help with this?.

I don´t know what I’m doing wrong.

The letter “e” crept in the point name:

Thank you MrMen for your help, I fix that but still didn´t work


Are you moving personaje1 anywhere else? Can you provide a few more events? And a jump speeed of 5000 is quite high…

MrMen here are all the events that I have on the scene.

There are just a few.

Also I put a jump speed of 500 only for a test but It didnt work with a less value.

Thank you for your time

Does your trampolin object have a platform behaviour attached?

Yes, it has that behavior

This is weird. I’ve got a simple example and it’s working fine, so there must be something else going on or amiss.

Can you do the following:

In the platform character behaviour of personaje1, can you set the jump speed to 600?

Then create a new scene, with just personaje1 top half of the scene, and a trampolin inthe bottom 1/2 of the scene, but directly below them. For the events of that scene, just have:

  • a collision detection between the two objects, and
  • for the action just have a simulate jump key on personaje1.

Have focus on this scene, and run it.

When it runs, your personaje1 should start falling down the scene, and bounce back up when it hits trampolin.

Can you confirm this is what happens if you set up a new scene like I described and run it?

You have an external event linked to your scene. What is it?

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. By getting the OP to create a new scene, I’m hoping to determine whether the linked events could be an issue. The next step would be to link the external events into the new scene, and see what happens.

Another thing still to consider too, is whether the OP has 2 trampolin type objects that look the same but have different names.

Hello zutty,

Yes I have an external event. A platform movement

But, how this affect the trampoline effect?

Agree. At first, the script had “trampolin” and trampoline". I don´t know it has 2 objects or it was a typo.

I didn’t say it affect the platform effect ! It could have some instruction that could affect it, but it seems it’s ok.
Your player size maybe is too large. You could trim off the excess area. Maybe this is causing the problem in your collision detection.
In your script you’re using : if personaje1.PointX(“Trampolin”) but your point is TrampolinCheck?

Hello MrMen,

I did that but it still doesn´’t work.

It could be the trampolin object the problem?

Read my last coment again!

To confirm - personaje1 drops and lands on trampolin, and then it just stands still?

Can you screen shot all the behaviour settings of peronaje1?

It does look like the code has changed. Though that doesn’t explain why it doesn’t work when OP created a new scene.

Why would he rename the point? What do you think about trim off the sprite?
He should create another objet, apply the platformer behavior and test to check if the collision mask is the problem.

Yep, those are further possibilities. It’s a matter of eliminating each possibility, one at a time.

Hello, I did that.

I created a new object to be the trampoline, and I called “trampolin”.

It has the Plattform behavior but it doesn´t work.

About the point, I renamed only to saw if that was the problem but not.

I will create a new proyect to see if maybe it´s something related to the actual one, that has a lot of info.