Transition to built-in 3D

I did not expect GDevelop to bring an official built-in 3D alternative, especially after greenlighting PANDAKO’s threejs extension.

I’ve been passionately working on a game with this extension, and now that there’s an official initiative for 3D in GDevelop, I feel frustrated/unmotivated to continue using this extension.

If there was an easy way to transition all of my 3D objects that overpopulate the editing screen and took hours upon hours to arrange/place, (walls, items, etc.), I’d love to be guided.

An added worry of mine is that this initiative will discourage any developments from PANDAKO’s extension.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, as they are completely different model formats (glb vs obj), and a lot of their positional logic is different, no.

Just to be clear, there isn’t really “greenlighting” of extensions. In this specific case, PANDAKO’s extension was a fantastic result of their effort and time, and was done outside of any type of greenlighting (they also did not want to submit it to the official verification process, which is why it isn’t included in the Extension list in the engine)

That would be up to PANDAKO on whether they continue to develop their implementation or not. That said, they continued to develop their dialogue extension even though there is Yarn support in the engine, so I wouldn’t necessarily take a GDevelop-team developed feature as indication on whether PANDAKO will stop working on their own projects.

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Thanks, Silver. Still ticked off about getting so far into this project. I’m very obsessive, I tend to want to use the primary option, and I’m also seeing some great looking updates to this new system already that I wouldn’t want to miss out on. I may just buckle down and rebuild everything in the editor. My events mostly remain valid:)

Welcome to GDevelop!

I agree with Silver, and I would to add my opinion.

No one knows if Pandako will continue or not the projects done since now (for any kind of reasons). Have internal developed extensions prevents future stop or slowdown development for discontinued extensions/ Isn’t good for a team be dependent from any external developer, because is a risk.

I said that although I really appreciate external developers, especially Pandako’s 3D extension.