Transitions on scene change?

I’m using “Pause and start a new scene” quite a bit in my current project. It works well for what I need, but the scene change is very abrupt. (walking along and !BAM!, battle scene) What would be the best way to add transition effects to this? Even an overlay animation or a fade to black before fading to the next scene.

Well, you could use a scene to display something between each scene change (a minimap show the player as it moving to the next location maybe).
Or you could use a layer that would displayed something on the screen for few sec, maybe a sprite that would fade to black before go to next scene.

That’s what I kind of figured. Maybe transition effects could be added to the pause system in the future to simplify it?

Also, ddabrahim, you’re definitely getting a credit for all you’ve helped me get things figured out for this game. A free copy of it too, if you want. :smiley: