Could we get option to use transitions when switching scenes? I’m thinking about solution like in RPG Maker XP/VX/VXAce or Ren’Py. Basically you have grayscale image like this:

Now when switching scenes this grayscale image is used as mask to “erase” current scene, showing the other scene underneath it. First the darkest pixels would be erased all way to lightest ones.

Then switch scene action would gain three additional parameters transition image (standard image bank would be used here), reverse transition and time. If either image is empty or time is less or equal to 0, scene would switch like now (instantly). If reverse transition would be checked (standard bool), transition would be reversed (thank you, Captain Obvious!), which means the lightest pixels would be erased first.

//edit: Of course transition file will have to be the size of game’s window, which is 800x600 by default. Otherwise it would be stretched to match this size.

Good idea but I think Game Develop recreate a render window each time you change the scene played (you can see this on Windows because windows open with animations).

Then store “screenshot” of previous scene in memory then show it on new scene and proceed with transition by erasing it according to “mask”. Also halt all events, including “On scene Start” until transition is finished.

But I agree recreating window each time you load new scene should be changed. I can imagine how ugly it must look with Aero/Compiz animations.