Transparent color for sprites background

I would like to be able to choose in the Editor of Sprite Object the color in a sprite which shall be transparent (transparent background, mask color).

I use and works pretty well for me :slight_smile:

Me too now but what about sprites which already have nontransparent background? You need to erase this background by hand for each such sprite. In Game Editor and Stencyl this problem is solved quite well. So, I think, it’s possible to do it in GD too.

Found a way to do it in GD in Event Editor:

At the beginning of the scene - Make a color of the object transparent. It does the trick.:slight_smile:

Oh then that should be even easier now. :wink:

But I noticed a problem with showing animations - at the start of an animation you can see for a short time a background color. So maybe it’s better to make it transparent before using the sprite in GD…