Transparent Png Error

I uploaded a png with a character with a transparent background to game develop, but when I drag the object into the scene, the image doesn’t show. Any solutions?
P.S. Non transparent pngs work.
P.P.S It also doesn’t show in the preview.

The picture is display in objects panel ?
Maybe it’s just a bug did you try to restart ?

ok ill try restarting:)

If the problem continue can you send a pciture of the editor and the characther with transparent background ?


how do u send images?
the png still doenst work

Go here :
Clic “on my computer” (Depuis votre ordinateur)
Select the file you want to send, and post the link of it in a post here :slight_smile:

sorry i used a different website before u even replyed
anyways here
also i tried resizing the image its still invisible

No problem.

Argh, seem bugged, after export of the game the picture is displayed or not ?
If it’s a no i don’t know what is that problem…
It is the last GD version ?

Edit: Maybe you graphic card isn’t correctly supported…

ill try to export it
and ill upgrade my graphic card
but before when i used gd and used transparent pngs it was fine.
Edit: I noticed a pattern: before i used a different software to delete the white background but now i changed the software and it doesnt work
weird i tried other transparent images with the original software and they work fine
but the new sofftware it doesnt work
im confused :confused:

So the problem isn’t here, i don’t have anymore ideas sorry :cry:

tried exporting
result: failed

weird… with a different drawing software it works. maybe its a bug with gd

my result:
works with other drawing software
thanx for the help

Ok so i think the png exported had a bug :slight_smile:

It’s maybe some format issue. If you can edit your PNGs with a specific software and it works in GD, then use that software.

If you submit your project here (along with its resources), then we can take a look on it and see if it happens in another PCs.

I had a second theory but I need to know: how many animations and how many frames per animation your “human” object has?

Just 1 frame.
Also I used GIMP for the transparency and it works now.
Originally I used an online photo editor to make it transparent.

I can almost tell you it is a format issue.
Stay with GIMP, I use it to edit all the sprites and it works perfect.