Trigger a collision between physics object and non-physics object?

I wanted to trigger an event upon a collision of the physics object (main character), and a sprite object that is a power-up. I couldn’t get it to trigger upon collision unless the power up was set as a physics object, but then it made the player bounce off of it.

Is there a setting or method to trigger a collision event between these two objects without having them using physics with each other? I just want to have the physics object go through the power up sprite and the sprite vanish.

You can still use the standard, non-physics collision. It’ll use the collision masks of the sprites, and not the physics collision masks.

Originally that is what I thought, but it didn’t work.

I am guessing I must have done something wrong setting it up. I’ll try again and if it still does not work, I’ll post the actions screen grab here.

Here is the action I am using to “kill” (send back to the start of the level) if the player’s sprite (a physics object) collides with a spike sprite that is not a physics object.

When all I change is making the spike sprite a static physics object, the character does get sent to the start of the level again. And this is fine for what I want the spikes to do anyway, so unless it’s likely to slow the rest of the physics down by being a physics object, I’ll leave it. But, it still shows the problem I’m having when I try to use a non physics sprite as a power up for the main character to collide with.

You’re using the physics collision. You can tell by the icon on the left. You can’t use physics collision on an object with no physics behaviour.

Here are 2 events, first one is physics collision, second event is normal collision (Note the different icons and slightly different wording) :


Oh! I had no idea there were 2 different types of collision actions. No wonder it only worked when I had it set to physics. Thanks again.

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