Trigger next level event?


I’ve reached a stage where I’m trying to progress to level 2 and so on… but i need some kind of event.
Quick Synopsis: shooter type game, turret (player) in middle of layout and zombies ascend from the perimeter. Mouse and shoot.

I’ve watched How To Make A Game with GDevelop - Levels (E09) and he uses player over the finishing line (race type game) - which is present an all his levels… but… my game is… you kill 4 enemy and progress to level 2.

Now, I know… i can’t use… if player score = 4 then go to level 2: as I reset the scene every time.

Any ideas how i can achieve this please?

  • score = 4/progress = Level 2
  • score = 14/progress = Level 3



If you use the same name for each scene and number them sequentially, then you can use “name” + currentLevel Just make sure you add the variable as a string.

Is there going to be a method to choosing how quickly the number of Zombie kills increase? You could tie it to a formula or set a count variable at the beginning of the scene. Something like currentLevel time 1.5?

Thank you @Keith_1357

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