Try online? Why not use online?

I’m on a chromebook and whenever I use Linux my laptop stops working. Since Linux doesn’t work I can’t download your linux version. Since you already have a version online, why not make the online version the full version? I can’t download it and not being able to make my own art since I use online is a killer, just let us use the full version online, please, there’s no reason not to really. Or let us use it in the browser on but just please be considerate of chromeos users like myself. Game development on chromebooks without working Linux is so hard, especially because people think every chromebook runs Linux completely fine but that’s not true, help.

Well actually there is. If we could we would have the same functionality as on the local version, but due to technical limitations it is not possible.

Why would it not be possible? The only thing you can’t do online is making your own characters so I don’t understand why not to just let us do it for those like myself who can’t download it.

Like I said, it is a technical limitation. Browsers are less capable than native apps.

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Yeah browsers are less capable, but they’re capable enough to use the engine so couldn’t you just upload the main version to or the website and have it played in the browser?

I think you are misunderstanding what is being said.

Browsers are literally not capable enough to reproduce all of the functions of the main engine right now, so the answer is no. The web demo of the engine can’t and won’t be modified to match the full version and then uploaded to

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