Trying to create a random object from a group

Hello Folks,

I created a group of objects called “ennemies” made of different ennemy sprites (ennemy1 ennemy2 etc) I would like to spawn different sprites from the group on the scene randomly.

There is a guy who made a video tutorial and pretends you can acheive this with the action among objects. See below:
All the ways to create objects in GDevelop (tutorial) - YouTube at 4m06s

The thing is that action doesn’t exist.

Any alternative ?


Hello! This works perfectly. You must adapt the configuration of the appearance area, the Z-order, timers and others according to your needs.

Edith: The rank (1,3) is because I created 3 items, but you choose the range that corresponds to the numbering of your items (Enemy1…Enemy2…Enemy3)

Hi. FYI. It’s not called among, it’s “create an object from its name” Choose “other actions” and open the “objects”

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Thanks a million Keith. My first assumption was that the name of the action was among objects where it was in fact Create an object from it’s name. Then once you save the action, it will be converted as among objects by Gdevelop.

The guy in the video should have mentioned that.

It all works now

Thanks again bro !


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