Trying to create a roll animation but walking animation is overriding it

This is my code. If I am walking in any direction and I press cntl to roll, the animation quickly shifts between the two and will just freeze on one frame. How do I override the other animations so that “roll” actually plays?

Hello, Justin-tcm! Welcome!

This is because when the player presses LControl and changes the animation to “Roll”, the events that change the animation to “Run” are still true and changing it too. So, it starts a looping of changing. I did a test here and used subevents to prevent to change the animation to “Run” while the animation “Roll” is playing and a new event to make the animation “Run” when the “Roll” finish:

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Thank you. Im sure it will work. Ill try it as soon as I can get on my laptop. Still trying to understand subevents but this helps a lot!

After testing it out, it still seems to not work. Hmm.

You need to remove the animation change to “Run” on events that have buttons pressed.Leave only in subevents.

Ohhh. Derp derp. Lol. Thank you