Trying to grasp Nested Loops

Ok…So, I’m sorry to ask a “nested loops” question. I know there are many already but I just can’t seem to find someone with the same problem?

I just want to do a square grid with many squares, but I get a diagonal line of squares.
This is my code:

But this is the result :frowning:

What am I missing? I would be so happy if you guys could explain.

Edit: I realized I wasn’t reseting the x position but…still I haven’t got it to work yet

Ok so after many changes and giving it a lot of thought I got this:

You may think…well that’s what you want right? I am still not satisfied…there is something odd. To form a square the variable row needs to begin at 1 and the column at 0 so I’m pretty sure I am not doing something right…

I would use repeat. (note: the last line is not a subevent because I want it after the repeat not during)

There’s also an extension although I like to do stuff myself. It’s a good way to learn the language.

I wish Gdevelop had a For…Next.

Yup that would be nice.