Trying to make a background image lock to a position?

Hey everyone.

I’m trying to lock my background image so it can stay in the one spot as the character moves upwards, as it is an infinite jumper game, but having trouble doing so, not sure how to lock the image, any help is appreciated.

Other image

Do you have your background on a separate layer to your player and platforms? It should be, and the layer should be below the base layer in the list of layers in the editor.

Thanks a bunch, I scrapped the Idea I need to just how to figure out how to create an infinite background (NON Scrolling)

What do you mean by infinite background, non-scrolling? A static image that sits behind everything?

In my case it’s the building background, I want it to move down as the player moves up, NOT static. The problem I have now is that it does sit behind everything