Trying to select instance of object that have a variable higher than average

There’s a group b of 6 objects , b1 b2 …b6. They all have a variable called fmz that is a random value. I want to select the instances (b1 excluded) that have their value greater than the average value +28. Seems easy. But it doesn’t work at all. It misses some instances and sometimes get the wrong ones.
Here below is the code , in the block i use 2 different methods. Method 1 use a while loop and a for each instance which should not be necessary. Method 2 only use the while loop.

Couldn’t you just make a condition trigger if the value of the variable is greater than 28? In the screen shot it just looks like you’re over complicating things.

that’s because I want to write all the selected instances in the message so it needs to run for each iteration. I thought that was the easiest way.

i figured out, it was my mistake