Trying to share game back and forth with my friend

Me and my buddy (Username: Kobey) are trying to make games together, and we need to figure out how we can work together with the same game, is there a way we can do this or can it not be done? Please help we can’t work on a game until we figure this problem out.

Can’t help ya having same problem… sorry

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Perhaps you can use a service such as google drive or dropbox, and then save it on your locally synced folder.

That way, when one person makes a change, the change will update for the other person too.

However, you shouldn’t both try to make a change at the same time, because one change will overwrite the other. It should be done in order (e.g. I’ll add this, but then you need to open my new file before you add whatever you want to add yourself so that we can have both changes applied).

That’s a starting point at least, while it’s surely not optimal. A bit more advanced would be if you used github/bitbucket or a similar service, as git can merge changes, to that if both you and your friend changed something at the same time, you might be able to “merge” both of the changes together.

The events aren’t transfering over either, and the images are in the image bank, but they show no picture, we have tried google drive. We haven’t tried saving the game save into google docs.

Thank you for the help we can send the game though email however the images, events, extra are not transferring over with the game if you know why that is plz feel free to share

I’ve done this before.

Save the game into a structure like this:

Game folder “gamename”
-Place game saves here
Sub folder “images”
Place all game images here

Make sure all image names have NO spaces. I recommend an ‘_’ instead of space.
“This won’t work”

Share the game folder with dropbox.

I also recommend you place pretty much everything into external events. That way, you can work on different events without stepping on each other’s toes.

If you save the project as a folder project, each scene/external event/external layout will be a different file, making it possible to edit and save two scenes simultaneously. Otherwise, to edit the scene A you would have to wait your friend to finish editing the scene B and save the entire project, and vice versa :slight_smile:
With this system, if a scene events are replaced by an external event + link event, an artist could work in the scene design, while the programmer works in the external event file :smiley:

Thank you so much we are about to try your suggestions.